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Seven days in Spain

Seven days in Spain

I bought my lunch in the double market at Madrid Opera Square. I walked along and chanced on Temple of Debod- The ancient Egyptian temple This dates back to 2nd century BC, which was reinstalled in Madrid Its original home was in the Nile Valley.I ran into the main shopping street - seeking Wi-Fi signals to steal and enjoyed a treat of delirious gelato. The cheerful cafes in my evening at La Latina seem to mesmerise me even now ... there are wishes of picturesque charm in the air.From Madrid airport, I had already purchased a bus ticket for that evening. The five-hour bus ride to Granada gave me the best entertainment from the Gulf. I used the internet from one screen and the listened to music from the vacant one beside mine, but the night that lay ahead was anything but fun - I froze to frustration in the open station of the bus station in 10 degrees Celsius. That was one long night!ada and a local boy helped me operate the bus station locker. After storing my light luggage, I ran off the search for remnants of Muslim Spain in Alhambra. I tried to reach there at Dawn, fearing long ticket lines at the UNESCO World Heritage SiteIn the ride uphill, the glorious architecture just made me love Andalusia at first sight. The view atop the palace was breath-taking - the flowers in the Generalife estate.

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