Of tonsils and adenoids

To break all of these myths, it is best we know what tonsils and adenoid glands are, their functions and what happens when they get infected. Both glands are lymphoid tissues located around the opening of our pharynx that is the inner part of the nose and mouth. Other lymphoid tissues are also present there, like on the base of the tongue and opening of the ear tube. They are placed there in a ring like manner to protect the upper airway. All the lymphoid tissues in the body have a function to protect different systems of our body from bacterial, viral allergic and even carcinogenic reactions, but sometime these fail and we end up becoming sick.The tonsils, also known as palatine tonsils, are located on the sides of our oral cavity looking like small eggs. Everybody can see their own tonsils by sticking their tongue out. Tonsils react in different ways when infected according to age. They tend to enlarge at a younger age and usually get smaller with age. The same happens with the adenoid gland, which is also known as nasopharyngeal tonsil, as it is located behind the nasal opening in the upper end. The adenoid gland almost disappears by the age of 12 in normal cases. The tonsils just become smaller but does not disappear, and you can develop tonsillitis all your life.  But in the case of enlarged adenoids after the age of 12-13 years does not suffer from adenoiditis any more but may get other disease in that area.

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