NBR to check disparity between declared and market prices

In order to check the market market, the National Board of Revenue has asked its wage taxpayer unit (standard tax added) in the regulatory account.There is a tendency to increase the number of subscribers in the revenue board market.According to the VAT Act, traders will have to declare the price of VAT and VAT.Field level offices of NBR provide VAT on the price declared by the traders.A senior official of the NBR said the Board's directors held an evaluation meeting on 17 December 2012, instructing the LTU to confirm the authenticity of the price declared last year.NBR member (VAT applicable and IT) sultan Iqbal Chairman, LTU Commissioner Matiur Rahman and other senior officials were present.It has also been decided to update their price database in the meeting."NBR will get low VAT," he said, adding that the provisions of the price statements of many businesses have been misused.But he said that they have some methods to check the accuracy of the price.A process to collect information from the market, he said.VAT officials also examined the same product prices of different companies, he added.If the VAT officials in the area find any inconsistency and ask that the VAT commissioner fix the price.They apply for the period in which the lower level is displayed.Officials generally show less value to traders.

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